A List of User Experience Goals That UX Designers Should Set 

The following 5 user experience goals, listed in a logical order, may help you to find the right direction of user experience design ASAP and make you an excellent UX designer.

Goal 1: “I got what I need”.

To give users what they need is the first goal of user experience design. Before using a product, people are mostly concerned aboutwhether it is useful?” “Will this product solve my problems?” 

Goal 2: “Don’t make me think”. 

Will I get what I want in a most simple, direct and quick way?” It would be better if youDon’t make me think”. A complicated-to-use prototype/wireframe tool is a bad design itself, so how can we make good UI or product prototype with it? 

Goal 3: “I really enjoy using it”. 

Many products have similar functions, which can all meet the users’ needs to some extent. But only few of them are favored by users, why? 

When designing video player software, how many “ss” should the “black screen” last to draw the users’ attention, but never make them feel impatient? Why some social platforms only allow its users to access more functions after a period of time? Those are all questions that user experience designers should concern about. 

Goal 4: Habit is a second nature 

Whether the product is attractive enough for me to use it for a long term?”, and evenbecomes part of my lifeandmakes me addicted to it”. 

Goal 5: Make users your promoters 

“Whether the product is good enough to motivate me to become one of its promoters?” 

You may ask: why does product promotion has something to do with designers? If UX designers can build a relationship between the users and potential users, for example, put a “sharing on Twitter” button on the right place, there might be more people will join in (this is a method of most basic level).