Data visualization

Good graphics are used by brands to educate, inform or persuade audiences using different images, colors and shapes. It is important to understand that in the world of graphic design changes regularly occur, which, at times, are difficult to keep up with. Based on this, designers should carefully study the latest trends of 2022, and then implement them into their activities. In this article, I will tell you about the latest trends that will be relevant for several years. 

Geometric shapes

This year, more and more geometric shapes stand out in graphic design. Wherever you look, you will see that designers are using such forms in their work, replacing the abstract ones that used to define graphics. What’s great about geometric shapes is that they’re easy to create and use. Not to mention that they remain the same throughout the entire image. 

You can combine them with any image and create a unique set of unusual details. They have become popular with many companies such as Rivet, Zendesk and Vengage. In addition to images, you can use shapes to represent data points, display content, and even reflect your brand. Even better, these shapes combined with muted colors create easy-to-understand text and eye-catching visuals. 

Data visualization made easy

Why do we visualize data? The short answer is to make information more understandable to readers by removing the complexity of datasets. To make them more efficient, graphic designers have simplified the way data is presented. 

Classic serif fonts

Serif fonts, in use as far back as the early 15th century, are among the oldest typefaces in existence and are still in use today. But don’t confuse Serif with San Serif. If you notice, the classic Serif font has extratailsat the top or bottom (or both sides) of the letters. Our ancestors could not express their thoughts in a standard way, even in writing. 

Serif fonts, no matter how old they are, are not just black marks on paper. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and exude elegance in every word they compose. Some companies have benefited from the use of serif fonts in their landing page designs.