windows 365

Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC

In 14 July 2021 Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC. This is your windows 10 or windows 11 PC in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Hybrid Windows for a hybrid world. Windows 365 streams your personalized apps, settings, and content streamed from the Microsoft cloud to any device, giving you and your organization the ability to be more agile and productive. Welcome to your Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Since 02 August 2021 it will available for public purchase.

What is the Cloud PC?

Now system administrors with the few clicks can create virtual desktop all your business needs. There are 12 different configuration of Windows virtual PC. The minimum configuration is 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM and 64GB disk space. The maximum available configuration is 8 virtual CPU, 32GB RAM and  GB disk drive for your constant files.

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