Industry-focused written translation, proofreading and localization services in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages in the following areas:


Everything translated is passed to proofreaders. After corrections by proofreaders are done corrected part is depersonalized and placed in the knowledgebase for future reference. After final verification, the content is submitted to the client. In addition, our translation agency offers proofreading of third-party translation.

Website & Application Localization

Performing localization using CAT (Computer Aided Translation) and high quality human translation considering linguistic, cultural and technical differences.

Written translation

Our translation agency offers high-quality written translation depending on the context and industry of the content by highly skilled translators.

Why Choose Us


Every translated content is reviewed and verified by proofreaders to match the original content as closely as possible. We go above and beyond by involving language professionals from different fields to ensure our client’s top satisfaction.


Our proofreaders are not just people with translation skills but also with significant experience in technical, financial, legal, and other fields with a rigorous attitude to every detail of translated content.


The knowledgebase collected as a result of translation activities in various fields is managed by Translation Memory (TM) software for future reference and speeding up the translation process. 


We offer you to estimate the quality and accuracy of translation and compare the resulting translated content with other translation agencys’ tranlsations by ordering a trial translation for free.

Our Services

Business translation

Companies know that translation services play a key role at every level in  business-to-business (B2B) transactions. We have significant experience in translation of financial statements, annual reports, quarterly reports including professional translation of any type of business document, translation of business plans, translation of website content, localization of software products, voice-overs/subtitling of company videos, translation of corporate communications and other translation services. 

Financial translation

Our clients include financial institutions such as banks. Our financial experts are strictly chosen and tested to ensure that only the most qualified translators and editors are engaged in financial translation projects.

We provide a wide range of translation services for financial organizations. This includes translation of:
Reports and statements

  1. Brochures
  2. Policies, guidellines, procedures and other regulations
  3. Website content
  4. News articles

Legal translation

Legal translation service has to deal with lots of documents and terminology. We can provide comprehensive solutions for various legal matters which can be tailored to your specific cases and offers timely and accurate legal translation by expert translators in a wide-range of legal areas: Software licenses and user agreements, Terms & Conditions , Contracts ,  Service agreements, Non-disclosure agreements  and more. CaspiNet insists in signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and all of your data will be treated as highly confidential. 

Marketing translation

It is important that people understand your products and services in their native language or they won’t feel confident to make purchase. From product and marketing brochures to banking statements, We provide translation of a wide range of marketing information for all forms of digital marketing for companies. This includes translation of website content, blog posts, Email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. For effective marketing and advertising translation services we hire translators and proofreaders educated in corresponding fields.

Technical translation

Today IT is integral and essential part of almost every business in all industries. A good technical translator must not only possess an excellent command of both the source and target languages, but also an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and its terminology. We provide high-quality translation of wide range technical content, such as:

  1. Technical manuals
  2. Users Guides
  3. System requirement documents
  4. Safety reports
  5. Patents
  6. Installation instructions
  7. Service manuals
  8. Tender documents
  9. Technical training material
  10. Technical brochures
  11. Data sheets
  12. Technical catalogs

Web & Soft localization

CaspiNet translators consideration linguistic, cultural and technical differences and don’t change the original intent of the source text and maintain native-language readability to ensure you reach your targeted local-language goals. Banks and financial organizations are continuously developing apps for their customers to check their online statements and make payments and transfers on the go. Today applications should be able to handle text, audio files, numbers, currency, and graphics in ways appropriate to the locales where your application is used. Professional translators of CaspiNet are experienced at translating highly technical content for your businesses website, mobile application as well as user interfaces and software interfaces for e-learning systems and more.

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